What type of development works for your site

With new zoning laws and garden area requirements sites do not have the potential they once did. So, what are the best options?Sites over 650sqm used to fit a decent 3 unit development on them. 1x 3 bedroom townhouse, 1×2 bedroom townhouse and a 2 bedroom single storey unit.

Today this is no longer possible. You can potentially get 3 tiny dog boxes or as I am encouraging my clients, go for 2 well planned side by sides.These have more creative possibilities and space to play and live in.Sites over 750sqm have 3 unit possibilities, but again that depends on a lot of things going your way.

How is the blocks orientation?
What is the zoning for the property?
What does the zoning schedule say in terms of open space requirements?
Are the neighbouring front setbacks good enough for what you are proposing?
Do the neighbours have windows within close proximity of the fence?
Do your neighbours have north facing windows?
Are their units next door that your proposed shadow may affect?
All these sorts of issues can and most likely will come up.
Our job is to make sure we satisfy councils requirements and also not affect the neighbours.
I love this simple line; More isn’t always more.
When it comes to building just 1 dwelling in the rear of an existing, people view the space much differently then what is actually possible.
I get enquiries almost on a weekly basis of people wanting to fit a unit in the rear of their homes.
Issue here is that it also depends on how many bedrooms you currently have, how much space is available for the side driveway for a car to pass and most importantly, do you have the room to fit another home.
A rule of thumb would be a minimum of 3m to the side and 20m to the rear.
Without these 2 things, you just have a nice size backyard.

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